Request for Tree Planting on Municipality-Owned Properties

Forms must be completed in full. Incomplete forms will not be processed.

The Municipality’s policy for planting trees is outlined in Schedule A of By-Law 77-2019 Being a By-Law to adopt a Protection and Enhancement of Trees Policy which is available on the municipal website.

All trees planted on Municipality owned lands and boulevards require municipal permission. Trees will be planted primarily in the spring and fall.

The trees will be distributed evenly across the Municipality and are subject to availability.

Permission will be granted at the discretion of the Manager of Public Works or their designate.
It is the goal of the Municipality to ensure the list of acceptable tree species includes a number of native varieties. Invasive species are not permitted to be planted on Public Lands or Municipal Highways.

Residents are encouraged to help care for trees in front of their residences by monitoring their condition and watering.

Street Trees may only be planted in sites that match these criteria, please check each acknowledgement to confirm that your requested location meets the requirements:

Important notes:

  • In places where Heritage District Conservation or Streetscape Plans have been prepared, all landscaping, including trees, will be in accordance with the respective plan.
  • Street trees are not permitted on lanes, walkways, walks, or similar properties due to limited space.
  • Street trees are also not permitted in the boulevards of streets where the width of the street is less than 16 metres.
Although efforts will be made to accommodate your preference, the final decision will be at the Public Works Department’s discretion. The Department will confirm the species of tree to be planted with the applicant prior to planting.
Please note: This will assist the Public Works department in conducting a site evaluation. The final decision for location will be at the discretion of the Public Works department. No site markers placed by the Municipality should be moved or removed without contacting the Municipality first.

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